Bear Wilner-Nugent

Counselor and Attorney at Law LLC

If you have been licensed by the State of Oregon to practice a profession like medicine, law, or education and you are facing disciplinary proceedings brought by the state or your professional licensing body, you have the right to have a lawyer assist in your defense. I am here to help you navigate these difficult situations and to assist you in vigorously defending your professional licensure. I understand that you have worked hard and studied diligently to obtain your professional certification, and that your license means much more to you than just a job. Let me help you defend your credentials.

I assist many kinds of professionals facing discipline, including:

If your business has been licensed by the state — for example, if you grow, process, or sell cannabis, or if you brew, distill, or sell alcohol — I can help defend your businsess's license, too. I have a lot of experience assisting clients in disputes with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and other state and local agencies. These matters can be technical and difficult, and they require skilled legal attention to preserve what you have built. Anytime state action puts your livelihood on the line, call me.