Bear Wilner-Nugent

Counselor and Attorney at Law LLC

Since I went into private practice in 2008, I have represented many parties on both sides of a wide variety of lawsuits. This remains a cornerstone of my practice. But I don't work on a contingent fee basis or on behalf of insurance companies. Clients come to me when their number one need is for a skilled and tenacious courtroom lawyer, and I represent them on an hourly fee basis.

I have experience litigating in federal court and in state court in every corner of Oregon. I have handled lawsuits involving business-to-business disputes, business ownership or control disputes, breaches of contract, real property and lease disputes, legal malpractice, personal injuries, intentional torts, stalking, restraining orders, sexual harassment, civil rights, accidents, product liability, fraud, local government issues, tax lien enforcement, and many other issues.

I engage in a lot of business litigation on behalf of clients in Oregon's thriving cannabis industry. I am able to pair my broad experience representing cannabis businesses in regulatory and licensing matters with my track record as a litigator. If your business has a dispute with another business or with any person or government agency, think of me.

As a highly experienced appellate lawyer, I am capable of handling post-trial matters on behalf of my clients, also. I am licensed all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. Whether your civil matter is at the trial stage or on appeal, I can help.